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Welcome! We're so glad you found us.

Moxie, Moxie Hair,
  • We are a booth rental salon run like a salon suite. You have your own salon identity. We each have our own name, website, phone, booking system, hours, color line, retail, and payment processing.

  • We are really great at working as a team and supporting each other as individual salon owners. We share our knowledge behind the chair and behind the business with each other and other stylists outside our salon.  

  • We are a safe, friendly, inclusive environment for you and your guests.

  • We are a keratin treatment free zone. We have been touched by cancer and won't risk exposing ourselves or our clients.

The Owner

I'm Tabetha, the owner. Want to know more about me and why I opened Moxie...

Want to learn more about how we work as a team and what we do behind the scenes...

The Team

The Space

Want to see our salon, stations, storage, etc..  I'll even show you the inside of my drawers...

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