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The Owner

 The first 18 years of my career I worked as an employee.  Just as the recession of 2008 was about to hit I found myself in a position where I was losing clients due to the actions of others in the salon I was at.  I made the decision to open my own suite, Hairendipity, so that I had control over my clients' experience from their very first contact.  


I loved suite life until 3 years later when the roof started leaking and it regularly rained in my suite.  The owners of the suites and the building would not fix the problem. At the same time I had the opportunity to take over the lease on the building I am now in so was born.  

If this sounds like exactly what you need click the button below to find out if we have openings or to schedule a tour.  Are you an employee right now and aren't sure if you are ready to move to being on your own? No problem.  I can help you with the math to figure out which way is better for you.  If you are ready to open your own business I can help lead you through all the steps you need to take.

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I  created a space where each stylist has complete control over their business like in a suite, but where we can work as a team.  So, Moxie is run more like a suite than booth rent salon.  Each stylist has their own business name, mine is Hairendipity.  They also have their own color line, retail, phone number, website, payment processing, booking system, etc.  But we do still work as a team supporting each other in growing our individual businesses, growing as stylists, working day to day behind the chair.  And we work as a team when it comes to finding new team members too.  


Hi, I'm Tabetha -

owner Hairendipity, owner
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